About Glen

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?

I’ve witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to working with GIS and within the geospatial industry for over 16 years. Knowing the difference between bad, good, and great can be a pillar to success. When I interview for a role I draw upon these experiences to shine. I know what questions to ask and how to handle both technical and general HR questions. You can drive the interview process to make sure you stand out from other candidates, and I can help get you there.

My Experiences

I used to think I got lucky with my career, but then I put self-doubt aside and I realized that I was the key driver for every step in my career. If I needed a temporary job to keep me going I got it, if I wanted a new challenge I went and found it, if I wanted to work abroad I packed my bags and did it, if I wanted more money I made sure I was armed with all the necessary self-backings to ask for a pay-rise or find a higher paying role and I got it! 

I have worked with GIS across several industries; agriculture, oil & gas, mineral exploration, engineering (highways, rail, ecology, environmental, maritime, renewable energy), telecommunications, and planning.  

My Credentials

An extensive educational background in Geography and GIS with Computer Science to bind the world of computers and Geography together.